Why You Need Massage Therapy During Your Pregnancy

prenatal massage therapy

Massage therapy can address a wide variety of pregnancy symptoms, as many studies have indicated throughout the years. With the help of a certified prenatal massage therapist, anxiety and depression decrease while pain relief, labour ease and newborn health improve. To learn more about why you should consider adding massage therapy to your prenatal care routine, then just keep reading!

It’ll Regulate Your Hormones

The body’s hormone levels are associated with stress and relaxation, both of which can be significantly altered with massage therapy. Introducing it into your prenatal care can lead to mood regulation and better cardiovascular health. A study performed over the course of ten years showed that cortisol and norepinephrine hormones were reduced in pregnant women receiving bi-weekly massages for five weeks. It also showed an increase in dopamine and serotonin levels, reducing the risk of depression.

It’ll Reduce Swelling

Also known as edema, joint welling is a common occurrence during pregnancy and is often the result of low circulation and heightened pressure on major blood vessels. Massage therapy can help to stimulate the soft tissue in order to lower the collection of fluids within the joints as well as getting rid of tissue waste.

It’ll Improve Nerve Pain

Many women experience sciatic nerve pain during the late stages of their pregnancy. This occurs when the uterus ends up resting on the muscles of the lower back and pelvic floor. This pressure spreads tension to the upper and lower leg muscles, causing swelling. Massage therapy helps to reduce inflammation by releasing tension in the muscles.

A Few Other Benefits

With consistent prenatal massages, you may experience a reduction in back pain, joint pain, joint swelling, muscle tension, headaches, stress and anxiety. You’re also likely to have better circulation, improved oxygenation within the soft tissue and muscles, and have a better night’s sleep.

Precautions with Prenatal Massages

While you can technically begin massage therapy at any stage of your pregnancy, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reputable physiotherapist or facility that will treat someone in their first trimester. Getting a massage in the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy will increase your risk of experiencing a miscarriage.

A Regular Part of Prenatal Care

As we’ve already seen, consistent massages can improve pregnancy symptoms as well as overall prenatal health. Incorporating it into your pregnancy care routine will also provide emotional and mental support.

At Pro Fusion Rehab, our physiotherapists are highly trained and committed to helping you accomplish your health goals and have an enjoyable pregnancy experience. With rehab facilities located in Pickering and Milton, Ontario, we help individuals with acute or chronic pain resulting from sports injuries. We also offer services that include massage therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture and more. To talk to one of our certified Milton physiotherapists, give us a call today.

Why You Need Massage Therapy During Your Pregnancy