Compression Stockings

What is Compression Stockings or Socks Compression socks and compression stockings are designed to offer graduated compression starting with the highest compression at the ankle with reduced compression as you move up the leg. The pressure of compression hosiery is measured in mmHg (millimeters of mercury). When you walk or exercise your legs, compression socks […]

Lymphedema Therapy

Introducting Lymphedema therapy The goal of lymphedema therapy is to restore function, reduce physical and psychologic suffering, and prevent the development of infection. Lymphedema Management is conducted in two phases: Phase1: the Intensive Phase is focused on reducing the swelling as much as possible, and to start to break down any fibrosis which may have […]

Kinesiology Taping

What is Kinesiology Taping? Kinesiology Tape or Therapeutic Taple is also known as Kinesio tape is actually a Tex based non-latex tape with adhesive on a single side used in physiotherapy to treat a variety of orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological and other medical conditions affecting the body’s muscles and joints. The tape is cut in a […]


What is Electrotherapy Electrotherapy describes the use of electrical current to create an stimulative effect in the body. Physiotherapists use electrical currents at low levels to reduce the sensation of pain. It may work either by “scrambling” pain signals to mask feelings of pain or by causing the body to produce natural pain-killers called endorphins. […]

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Introducing Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapeutic Ultrasound therapy is most often employed in sports medicine to stimulate cell growth and accelerate the healing process. It’s even useful for helping along fractured bones. Therapeutic Ultrasound has a frequency range of 0.75–3 MHz, at a frequency of 1 MHz is absorbed primarily by tissues at a depth of 3–5cm and is […]