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Physiotherapy Vs Cortisone Injection? What To Know About Both

Suffering from an injury and want the most effective treatment? Most people consider many different medical solutions that can help treat their pain. Although there are many benefits to different treatments, there are also side effects that must be considered. Physiotherapy is always highly recommend as a non-surgical, highly-credible and natural treatment to help restore […]

How Massage Therapy Helps With Nerve Compression

Waking up to a sharp pain can really put a dent in your morning. This could be a sign of a pinched nerve that requires attention right away! When too much pressure affects a nerve by other tissues such as muscles, tendons or bones, the nerve function gets disrupted. This can result in sharp pains, […]

What Is The Difference Between Physiotherapy And Massage Therapy?

Both physiotherapy and massage therapy are practices that help improve your body’s range of motion as well as reducing any discomfort or pain you may be experiencing. While similar, massage therapy and physiotherapy aren’t interchangeable treatment options. Physiotherapy requires a medical professional who will put you through exercise and movement therapies to increase your body’s […]

Why You Need Massage Therapy During Your Pregnancy

Massage therapy can address a wide variety of pregnancy symptoms, as many studies have indicated throughout the years. With the help of a certified prenatal massage therapist, anxiety and depression decrease while pain relief, labour ease and newborn health improve. To learn more about why you should consider adding massage therapy to your prenatal care […]

Should You Get a Massage When You Have Sore Muscles?

So your body’s aching and your muscles are swollen, what do you do? Many would tell you to get a deep tissue massage to release the tension, but that’s not the case if your aches and pains are caused by a recent injury. Recovering From a Recent Injury? If you’ve been recently injured and haven’t […]