What is lymphedema? Lymphedema is an abnormal lymph drainage that caused a lots of fluid that could come with swelling, usually in the arms or legs. This condition may happen when human’s lymph system such as nodes become missing, removed or damaged. The Lymphatic system plays a very important role in our immune system through […]

Sports Injuries

Common symptoms and causes of sports injuries “Sports injuries” covers a wide variety of injuries, and can involve the any part of the body from the neck to the toes. Sports injuries are commonly caused by overuse, direct impact, or the application of force that exceeds what a body part can structurally withstand. An injury […]


Common Symptoms of Headache Headache and migraine are common but usually do not represent a serious illness. Even when headaches do not have a serious cause, they may be quite painful and disruptive to your daily activities. Additional symptoms may accompany a headache include: Eye, ear, or facial pain. Migraine Dizziness. Numbness or weakness. Difficulty […]

Shoulder Pain

Common symptoms of shoulder pain The shoulder is a mobile and flexible joint that is capable of lifting large loads. Pain and injury in the shoulder can be the result of several different conditions, including impingement syndromes, rotator cuff injury, shoulder instability or dislocation, frozen shoulder, or general wear and tear from sports or overuse. […]

Neck Pain

Common Symptoms of neck pain While neck pain (in the cervical spine) is less common than lower back pain (in the lumbar spine), however millions of people experience neck pain and/or related arm pain at some point in their life. with symptoms presenting either suddenly or gradually. Pain and stiffness can impair many facets of […]

Knee Pain

Common Symptoms of keen pain/injuries The knee is fundamental to movement; It needs to flex or extend to allow the body to perform many activities like running, walking, kicking, and sitting. Acute knee injuries can cause pain and swelling with difficulty bending the knee and weight-bearing. Longer-term knee problems may manifest as localized pain and […]