Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cupping vs Massage Therapy

With an ever-increasing population that copes with pain conditions, there is a huge variety of methods to treat the symptoms. From medications to physiotherapy and massage therapy, people have an amazing selection of treatments to choose from. One pain management method that is becoming more mainstream is Chinese cupping therapy. The use of cupping massage […]

Can Cupping and Acupuncture Help Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a frustrating and painful disease that overwhelmingly affects women. Some of the many things that make it so baffling is that fibromyalgia causes are largely unknown, and a fibromyalgia cure lies somewhere in the future. Fibromyalgia diagnosis is made after the doctor has heard the patient’s symptoms and after they have determined that […]

Cupping therapy, everything you need to know

Background of Chinese Cupping Therapy Many people have only been aware of cupping therapy since Michael Phelps proudly rocked his unmistakable “cupping marks” at the Rio Summer Olympic Games. However, before cupping became a favorite therapy of athletes worldwide, cupping was a Chinese health technique dating back thousands of years. Though there are many variations, at […]

Cupping: the secret behind those purple bruises on Rio Olympic athletes

What are those purple dots on Michael Phelps? As the 2016 Rio Olympics wind down and athletes return home (including our Canadians with a whopping 22 medals under their belts), we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of competitive sport at its finest. One of the most-watched races of the Olympics this year was […]