What kind of conditions and injuries does massage therapy treat?

massage therapy treats various conditions

In today’s world, people from all walks of life, irrespective of their age, occupation or gender, are slowly turning towards alternative therapies like massage, reiki, holistic healing, etc. to get relief from their day to day stress, chronic and acute conditions. Whether it is treating a simple posture correction, a lingering muscle spasm or even more serious ailments like sciatica, people are trusting the 3,000 years year old massage therapy to provide them health and wellness. This makes for one question: is massage therapy that effective?

The answer is yes. Massage therapy is a learned and researched form of healing technique with a detailed science behind it. Certain soft-tissue manipulation techniques outlined in massage therapy can reduce high levels of stress and fatigue in individuals. These techniques also improve blood circulation and are known to correct respiratory disorders too. Using different massage styles that include many specialized techniques such as stroking, rocking, kneading, tapping or holding a steady pressure, your local Milton physiotherapist can work to stimulate different parts of the body and promote healing.

According to leading researchers, massages can almost immediately reduce your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure and help to improve your blood circulation and lymph flow. It can also help to relax muscles, increase endorphins and improve your range of motion. Although therapeutic massage does not particularly increase your muscle strength, it does help to stimulate weak or inactive muscles, thereby compensating for inactivity due to illness or injury.

A good massage can help you with several stress-related physical conditions and injuries. These include:

Sports injuryInjuries that have occurred during a sport can be treated with a regular massage schedule.

Anxiety and depression – Although massage doesn’t directly cure anxiety, it helps to get rid of stress which incidentally helps to reduce secretion of stress causing hormones. Getting regular massages has a significant positive impact on reducing anxiety and depression.

Fatigue – Massage therapy encompasses scientifically applied movements and pressure applied on specific body parts which helps you to get rid of fatigue.

Headaches and migraines – Massage can help to ease symptoms of persistent migraine. In addition, it can also cure routine body aches, tension in back and shoulders, etc.

Many Milton physiotherapy centres recommend reducing pain and anxiety through regular massages, especially for patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

At Pro Fusion Rehab, our physiotherapists work closely with our Milton and Pickering clients with their years of experience in treating patients suffering from many complicated medical conditions, using massage to speed their recovery and enhance their health. With a range of massage therapies to choose from, our physiotherapist learns your specific pain points and suggests the best-suited massage therapies for maximum effectiveness. If you are suffering from any ailment and would like to try massage therapy, speak to one of our Milton or Pickering physiotherapists today.

What kind of conditions and injuries does massage therapy treat?