Relieving Back Pain from Driving

Back pain is a common issue faced by individuals who spend long hours driving, whether for professional or personal reasons. According to a study by the American Occupational Therapy Association, approximately 60% of truck drivers report experiencing low back pain. The sedentary nature of driving, combined with poor posture and prolonged sitting, puts significant strain […]

Is Massage Therapy the Most Cost-Effective Treatment for Back Pain?

No one should have to live with chronic back pain. It’s a constant obstacle between you and the fun activities you love to do. Aches and tightness in your joints can make it feel as though something is ready to snap at the slightest movement. While seeing a medical professional for treatment is the best […]

Top 6 Physiotherapy Tips to Help with Lower Back Pain

Unfortunately, the simplest movement, like picking something small off the floor, can result in excruciating lower back pain. While the pain can sometimes be short-lived and go away on its own, there are other times when it develops into chronic pain. If you find that your back pain is interfering with your daily life, then […]

What is Orthopedic Physiotherapy?

Orthopedic physiotherapy treats the musculoskeletal system, which is made up of muscles, bones and joints throughout your body. All of these components are susceptible to injuries or trauma like strains, sprains, post fracture or surgery, and repeated injuries. Orthopedic areas can include the neck, back, and limbs, meaning that an impairment can wreak havoc on […]

Why Physiotherapy is Vital in Treating Joint Injuries

Your body’s joints are all connected to something, meaning that one injury could potentially affect several areas throughout your system. A long term foot injury could affect how you walk, resulting in tension building in your hips. Treating joint injuries with physical therapy programs is important to ensure that your body is functioning excellently. How […]

Ways that Physiotherapy can Help with Concussion Recovery

When you think of physiotherapy, it’s commonly connected to the rehabilitation of sporting injuries or post-surgery recovery. However, physiotherapy can be used for so much more than just that, including helping individuals who have suffered from a concussion. Patients with a concussion will experience signs of dizziness, fatigue, loss of balance, visual irritations and headaches. […]