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Deep Tissue Massage: Benefits, Treatment and What To Expect

Deep tissue massages are arguably the most popular massage treatment for people of all ages. Applying pressure and slow strokes to relieve and stretch deep layers of muscle and the fascia in the body. Breaking up the scar tissue in the skin and reducing muscle tension, deep tissue massages effectively promote the body’s healing and[…]

Physiotherapy is a Continuous Process That Needs to Be Worked On

There is a common misconception that physiotherapy is only required when you experience an injury or undergo surgery. It is agreed that when we are living with damage to our bodies that restrict the movement of muscles and ligaments, physiotherapy aims to restore our mobility. However, the amount of time you may need physiotherapy is[…]

How Does Physiotherapy Help You Recover from Muscle Strains and Sprains?

Muscle strains and sprains can strike anyone at any time, no matter what you do for a living. It can affect overactive gym enthusiasts, those who are averse to gyms, the young, the elderly and everyone in between. Pills can offer relief to some but for most others, the pain tends to come back even[…]

Physiotherapy for Rotator Cuff Tears

Did you know that 40% of people over 50, 54% over 60, and 65% over 70 are known to suffer from a rotator cuff tear? Many of these injuries go untreated because they may not be that painful initially. But over time, non-symptomatic rotator cuff injuries can aggravate into painful conditions.  What are Rotator Cuff[…]

Physiotherapy Musculoskeletal vs Orthopedics

Physiotherapy is a treatment in which specific exercises are applied to heal joint pain, muscle sprains and spinal disorders help optimize movement. Orthopedic physiotherapy is an extension of physiotherapy in which bone, joint, tendon, muscle, ligament injuries or other pain-related conditions are treated in a private clinic. It includes musculoskeletal and spinal disorders. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy[…]

Keep Running, without Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee, often called patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), is a common condition where people, usually runners or athletes, experience pain beneath the patella or at the front of the knee. Runner who have had it know that it can put a serious damper on training, and those who haven’t had it are well aware that[…]