Cupping vs Massage Therapy

With an ever-increasing population that copes with pain conditions, there is a huge variety of methods to treat the symptoms. From medications to physiotherapy and massage therapy, people have an amazing selection of treatments to choose from. One pain management method that is becoming more mainstream is Chinese cupping therapy. The use of cupping massage […]

Cupping therapy, everything you need to know

Background of Chinese Cupping Therapy Many people have only been aware of cupping therapy since Michael Phelps proudly rocked his unmistakable “cupping marks” at the Rio Summer Olympic Games. However, before cupping became a favorite therapy of athletes worldwide, cupping was a Chinese health technique dating back thousands of years. Though there are many variations, at […]

Relieve sciatica pain with physiotherapy

The sciatic nerve begins at the lower back of the spinal cord and extends down to the buttock area making it the largest nerve in the human body. Responsible for supplying sensation to lower extremities, the sciatic nerve can become pinched causing pain to radiate down the leg. Typically self-diagnosable, sciatic nerve pain causes weakness […]

Stop Abusing Opioids, Try Physiotherapy

The abuse of opioids such as OxyContin, Hydromorph Contin, Percocet, and OxyNEO is a serious problem in Canada that affects the health and economic wellbeing of its population. The consequences of opioids abuse not only affect the abuser, but also the economy and its surroundings. Unintentional Percocet overdose deaths in Canada is a continued problem. […]