Benefits of Physiotherapy After Surgery

physiotherapy post operation

It’s always recommended that you go through a few rounds of physical therapy after surgery, especially if it’s related to key joints like the knees, shoulders or hips. Surgical procedures can be both physically and emotionally traumatic, but focusing on your recovery can help you push past the experience. With physiotherapy, you’ll be able to get back to being fully mobile. How is that possible? You’ll see as we share the four main benefits of going through physical therapy after surgery.

Aids the Healing Process

While the human body can heal itself all on its own, it usually needs help to speed up the process. Physiotherapy can help aid the healing process without succumbing to complications like limiting your range of motion, increased scar tissue or a loss of muscle mass. Physical therapy will make the healing process move smoother than other options. Physiotherapists will also use the addition of other treatment tools, such as cold therapy, to increase the healing rate of damaged tissues.

Increases Mobility

While an increase in mobility doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to walk, run or throw a baseball a week or two after surgery, you’ll still be able to do a lot with consistent physiotherapy sessions. You’ll slowly gain a wider range of motion as your muscles and joints get stronger in the affected areas. Specified exercises are used to target these areas and improve flexibility while increasing mobility as your body heals.

Recover Faster

Especially for highly active individuals and athletes, recovering quickly and effectively is their top priority. Doing physiotherapy after you’ve undergone a surgical procedure will allow your body to heal faster. This means you’ll be able to get back on those ski slopes or running much quicker than if you were just laying on the couch taking medication to ease the pain.

Recover Completely and Safely

It’s your physiotherapist’s job to help you recover to your former glory in a safe manner. You don’t want to experience any unnecessary consequences because you thought your body was healed and back to normal when that wasn’t the case at all. Without undergoing physiotherapy, you could easily develop bad habits that will affect your recovery and movements in the long haul. A train physical therapist will make sure you’re performing the right stretches and exercises while using the proper form to prevent further injury.

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Benefits of Physiotherapy After Surgery