Can Massage therapy help your sleep?

massage therapy helps sleep

It may be surprising for you to know that lack of sleep or insomnia is a serious and quite rampant disorder faced by numerous people around the globe. The consequences of sleep deprivation are serious and long-lasting. Most sleep deprivation patients face dire consequences from lack of sleep over a prolonged period, both physically and mentally. It includes diminishing the ability to comprehend situations, inferior decision-making capability, trouble in focusing, lack of concentration and general irritability and emotional instability.

To get relief from sleep deprivation, people often turn to remedial measures. While some remedies like yoga, meditation or exercise can bring many additional benefits to an individual’s wellbeing, over the counter sleeping pills and drugs are likely to create dependency and addiction. Out of the many remedies that most doctors suggest for insomnia, massage is probably one of the safest remedies.

What causes insomnia

According to leading Milton physiotherapists, one of the most fundamental reasons why people experience insomnia or lack of sleep is skyrocketing stress levels. Stress affects both the mind and body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in dictating the mood, behaviour, body temperature, appetite and sleep of an individual. It is, therefore, a therapeutic drug-free way to ensure a reduction in anxiety and stress. This is why many sleep disorder patients often seek a natural remedy to increase levels of serotonin.

Another complex substance that our body needs for better sleep is melatonin. It influences our circadian rhythm of sleep and rules our overall well-being. In patients suffering from sleep deprivation, the sleep rhythm is often interrupted and results in a feeling of anxiousness and stress.

How massage therapy can help you sleep

Holistic interventions like massage therapy help to recover mentally and physically from acute stress and its bad impact on health. Massage therapy impacts your autonomous system, says Pickering physiotherapist. This causes significant changes in your mood and induces the relaxation response. Typically massage enhances and promotes a feeling of well being and positivity. Your parasympathetic nervous system reacts to massage therapy by bringing relaxation to your body. It is an extremely healthy and effective way to combat lack of sleep. A massage helps to restore the balance and drive peaceful sleep. It is interesting to know that a massage can create a blend of powerful emotional response from within your body and mind that can help to relax in a soothing environment. It has been proven that after a massage people often experience deeper and restful sleep.

Although massage therapy is an excellent remedy for sleep deprivation, it is essential to get the right kind of massage from an authorized and trained massage professional. The licensed and trained team of physiotherapists from Pro Fusion Rehab can help you to identify the root cause of your sleep deprivation and customize a massage therapy suitable to your personal needs. Their team makes sure that you experience the intended positive effects of the therapy and make you feel comfortable. If you are considering massage therapy for a sleep disorder, contact Pro Fusion today to discuss your options and the best type of massage for you to get better sleep and overall well being.

Can Massage therapy help your sleep?