Top 6 Physiotherapy Tips to Help with Lower Back Pain

physiotherapy helps back pain

Unfortunately, the simplest movement, like picking something small off the floor, can result in excruciating lower back pain. While the pain can sometimes be short-lived and go away on its own, there are other times when it develops into chronic pain. If you find that your back pain is interfering with your daily life, then seeing a physiotherapist is likely your best bet for recovering. Along with physical therapy treatments, here are six additional ways you can help improve lower back pain.

Stretch Your Muscles

Staying flexible is important when you’re working on improving any back issues. It’s also the key to recovering effectively from a back injury. Doing so before and after exercising as well as before going to bed will do wonders for your pain. There are simple to complex stretches that you and your physiotherapist can go over.

Keep Your Back Strong

Not keeping your back healthy and in shape is one of the most common reasons for back problems, which is why it’s essential that you exercise it, both safely on your own and with your physiotherapist. Building up your back muscles will also provide your spine with more support, keeping it healthier as well. This reason alone is why physiotherapy is the standard treatment for back pain.

Maintain Good Posture

Good posture is key to maintaining a stable and pain-free lower back. Make sure you’re constantly standing up straight, with your ears over your shoulders, your shoulders resting over your hips and your hips hanging over your ankles. Doing so will keep your back healthy and pain-free.

Lift Objects Properly

Whenever you’re lifting a heavy object, make sure your knees are bent and you’re keeping the item as close to your body as possible. As well, avoid twisting your body as you’re lifting anything, as it’s a sure way to injure your back. If you’re not confident in your back strength, wear a brace when it comes time to lift heavier objects.

Sleep Comfortably

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can do a number on your back, pushing it out of alignment as the days go on. To make sure this doesn’t happen, avoid sleeping on a soft mattress and try one with a medium firmness to it.

Use Stress Relief Techniques

Stress has a way of making back pain, in particular, more painful than it needs to be. To prevent this from happening to you, practice yoga during the times you’re not in physical therapy. Other ways to reduce your stress levels include taking a warm bath and avoiding filling your day’s schedule.

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Top 6 Physiotherapy Tips to Help with Lower Back Pain