Why Physiotherapy is Vital in Treating Joint Injuries

physiotherapy treats joint injury

Your body’s joints are all connected to something, meaning that one injury could potentially affect several areas throughout your system. A long term foot injury could affect how you walk, resulting in tension building in your hips. Treating joint injuries with physical therapy programs is important to ensure that your body is functioning excellently.

How Physiotherapy can Help

As an extremely important part of the recovery process for joint injuries, physical therapy does more than exercise the source of the injury. A physiotherapist can help their patients improve their core strength as well as manipulate the joint itself. This allows the soft tissue to get a workout, along with the rest of the body, increasing your range of motion and overall mobility. Manipulating the soft tissue during physiotherapy is the main reason the treatment works to heal patients. It reduces swelling, scar tissue and inflammation within the injury. It can also help in preventing the need for surgery.

Your Physiotherapist is Also Your Teacher

Having a highly qualified physical therapist will not only raise your chances of having a successful treatment program, but they’ll also be able to teach your important techniques and exercises to prevent future injuries outside of your current one. If you go into physical therapy with a knee injury, sure they’ll teach you how to stretch it out to avoid further damage, but they can also teach you how maintaining good posture can improve how you walk or run. A good physiotherapist will teach you all you need to know to speed up your recovery and protect yourself from future injuries.

Training Around Your Joint Injury

Not only does your physical therapy treatment show you how to reduce joint pain and recover from your injury over time, but it also shows you how to train around your injury. This means that if your knee needs to stay immobilized for a period of time, you’ll still be able to exercise other joints like the hips, back joints, core and upper-body. There are a variety of creative ways to train your body without causing damage to your injured joint.

You’ll Recover More Quickly

Whether you’ve just undergone surgery or are simply working through the injury, using an ineffective program or completing it on your own won’t provide you with the best results. In fact, not going through a proper physiotherapy program can dramatically increase your recovery time while risking mobility complications.


At Pro Fusion Rehab, our Pickering and Milton physiotherapists are highly trained and dedicated to helping you accomplish your recovery goals. With rehab facilities located in Pickering and Milton, Ontario, our physiotherapy programs help individuals with acute or chronic pain resulting from sports injuries. Our physical therapy services include massage therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy and more. Give us a call today and talk to one of our certified specialists.

Why Physiotherapy is Vital in Treating Joint Injuries