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Shockwave Therapy For Tennis Elbow

What is tennis elbow? Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition in which the outer part of the elbow becomes painful and sensitive. It is usually caused by overuse of the muscles and tendons in the forearm that attach to the lateral epicondyle, a bony bump on the external region of the […]

Back to school physical activity and injury prevention

As back to school time approaches, parents across the country are preparing their kids for class. They shop for new notebooks, pencils, and calculators—everything kids need to succeed in their academic classes. This time of the year isn’t just about a return to scholastic achievement, however. Studies show that Canadian kids are getting less physical […]

World Cup 2018: player suffered from these common injuries

Every four years, the World Cup captivates the world, pitting country against country. It leaves one victor. Every four years, however, some soccer players have their dreams dashed when they succumb to injury before the World Cup. Lars Stindl of Germany injured his ankle and was not part of the German team. Argentina’s number one […]