Preventing Muscle Injuries from Yard Work: Tips from Physiotherapist

As the warm weather sets in, many homeowners eagerly tackle various yard work tasks to keep their outdoor spaces looking neat and beautiful. From mowing the lawn to pruning shrubs, gardening, and raking leaves, these activities often involve repetitive motions, heavy lifting, and prolonged periods of physical exertion. While the satisfaction of a well-maintained yard […]

Differences Between Personal Trainers and Physiotherapists

Both physiotherapists and personal trainers work to build up the strength and fitness of their patients and clients. However, physiotherapists and personal trainers have differences in terms of education, area of practice, and overall health care focus. Read on to discover whether a physiotherapist or a personal trainer is the right fit for you. How […]

Physiotherapy – The Answer to Fall Prevention in Seniors

What are the Risks of Falling? The risk of falling is a common problem for older people that can have serious implications. As we age, important senses like balance and eyesight get worse. Reaction time is lessened and so avoiding accidents can become difficult, making a fall possible. Unfortunately, seniors at home and in long […]