Does massage therapy hurt?

does it hurt when having massage

The soothing sounds of relaxing music in the background, the mystic aroma of essential oils and the luxury of your masseuse relaxing each of your stressed muscles by working towards specific pressure points in a dimly lit and aptly set temperate room.

The amalgamation of these things is an ideal experience you will encounter at your favourite Milton physiotherapy centre. It is your massage time where an hour or so you are expected to experience complete relaxation and stress relief. But sometimes this blissful experience can turn into a complete nightmare for some massage enthusiasts as they fail to experience the comfort and relaxation that a massage is supposed to provide and end up hurting and clenching throughout a massage.

You may be surprised to know that according to a report on Spa Consumers, at least 40% of massage clients have admitted to having encountered a rather dreadful and painful experience during their massage. And this is not the worst part of it, most of these clients were also convinced that massage is supposed to hurt. This belief was especially popular among people going for massage therapy for the first time and they had no idea of whether or not it is natural to feel pain during a massage. This brings us to an important question ‘does a massage therapy hurt?’

Answering the fundamental question

Yes and No! Good massage therapy may or may not be hurtful and can be right and wrong either way. A leading Milton physiotherapist has confirmed that while pain is a significant part of massage therapy, it is the type of pain that is important. When massage therapists work on releasing pressure points of your body, one thing that they make sure is using appropriate pressure to release the tension in your muscles. This pressure can cause pain in some tendons where there is high tension. The pain that a client experiences should be momentary and must disappear when the therapist is not applying pressure.

There are two important things that you need to note and be concerned about when getting a massage. Firstly, if a certain spot sends shooting pain spasms, it is not normal. In addition, if any pain is unbearable, it is abnormal. Leading therapists from a professional and well-trained physiotherapy centre are well accustomed to the amount of pressure that they need to apply to destress certain muscles. This knowledge and training are extremely important as too much pressure can cause bruising and too little will not give the relaxing result that the client aspires.

Although most massage therapists know which pressure points must be massaged for how long, every client’s body and tolerance of pain is different. If during a session you feel uncomfortable or nauseous it is absolutely essential to let the therapist know before matters become worse. If your massage therapy is hurting notify the therapist to modulate their pressure and see if it still continues to hurt. Getting a massage should be a relaxing and delightful experience.

If you are a first-time massage client, it is best to visit Pro Fusion Rehab to make sure that you are being attended by qualified, licensed, well trained and knowledgeable massage therapists. Give yourself ample time ahead of your appointment to ask questions and get your doubts and concerns cleared ahead of the appointment.

Does massage therapy hurt?