5 Poor Postures You Can Correct Right Now

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Ever see an older person hunched over pushing a cart or using a cane? We all notice that our bodies undergo changes as we age. Sometimes these changes come from terrible habits. You may not feel it now, but some things do catch up to us. Bad form can bring on more than discomfort. People who put stress and tension on their spine see and feel the consequences sooner than later on in their lives. However, there are exercises for posture to remedy bad posture and provide back pain relief. Let’s take a look at 5 common postures that cause chronic back pain and neck pain.

1. Smartphone Slump

Technology has evolved into something quite fascinating. It’s now powerful enough to captivate and hold many people’s attention. Whether you’re on the train, bus, or even driving, we see people glued to their mobile devices. However, this isn’t always a good thing. People tend to hold their smartphones down or in their laps which force them to angle their heads down. Although they don’t stay in the slouched over position too long, it’s a routine. Over time, neck pain will increase. Those individuals should correct posture by sitting up straight and holding their phones higher so that they won’t have to slump over.


You will want to take a seat on the floor with your feet flat and bend your knees for this Seated Chest Stretch. Place your hands about 12 inches behind you slightly positioned at your side. Bending your elbows slightly, make sure that your feet and hips stay on the floor as you go back. You will want to hold your chest up as you do this exercise and hold for 20 seconds. The seated chest stretch exercises the brachialis and pectoralis muscles correct posture.

2. Hunching over keyboard

hunching over keyboard posture

Have a long paper to type for a college project? Many individuals experience a sore back after they finish using their computers. Keyboards typically tend to be beneath us. Whether you aren’t the best typer or can’t see the keys, you’ll probably find yourself hunched over the keyboard. Frequently doing this can cause bad posture, chronic back pain, and even acute back pain. Below is an easy back pain fix.


Rounded shoulders are a common side effect of hunching over your keyboard. To un-hunch your shoulders, you can try doing the Goalpost Stretch. You’ll only need a towel, yoga strap, or belt for this. Take your towel or yoga strap in both hands. Hold your arms out at shoulder height. Bring hands a little wider than parallel to your shoulder. As you inhale, lift the belt over your head. And as you exhale, bend elbows to shoulder height then lower the belt. You will want to make your arms in the shape of a goalpost.

3. Leaning on one leg

wrong posture leaning on one side

Standing on one leg over an extended period of time can be a comfortable stance sometimes. However, what you’re doing is putting more weight on one leg, forcing a side of your pelvis to drop lower than the other side, and adding stress to your knee. The right posture and appropriate way to stand is with both feet with them shoulder width apart. Leaning on one leg is the incorrect posture and can also contribute to osteoporosis.


A great back pain exercise to combat the effects of leaning on one leg are planks. Bend your knees and lie on your back with heels about 1 foot away from your bottom. Feet are to be shoulder width apart and placed flat on the floor. Your back and thighs should straight as you raise your hips. While raising your hips, it is essential to squeeze your buttocks and abdominal.

4. Slouching on chair/sofa/couch

wrong posture slouching on chair

Some of us have a habit slouching in our chairs when we’re tired or just trying to get comfy. Ironically, as comfortable as it is, slouching in a chair is incorrect posture. Sitting like that can put a strain on muscles and soft tissues. The extra tension can cause immense pain over time. The right posture when sitting is to sit straight up with your back against the chair back. To reverse the effects of slouching in a chair, do the following exercise.


To fix back problems from sitting poorly, lie on your stomach for this Back Extension Exercise. Keep your back and neck lengthened and stretched out. You will need to press down on your hands to prop yourself up on your elbows. Hold for 10 seconds and then repeat the movement.

5. Standing with a flat back

standing with flat back posture

Standing with a flat back will probably end up with you needing a back posture brace.

Standing with a flat back tucks your pelvis in which will result in a straight lower back. This unnatural posture causes you to hunch forward. Naturally, thew lower back is supposed to curve. The flat back position can also cause upper back pain, neck pains, and a sore back because you’ll most likely have to lean your neck forward. To fix this issue, follow the exercise we’ve listed below.


An easy fix to a flat back is a plank. While most dread planks, they happen to be exceptional for correcting bad posture. First, lie on your front. Use your forearm and toes to hold you up. While you’re off the floor, it’s crucial that your back and legs are straight. Shoulders should be directly above elbows, and your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Make sure to squeeze your abdomen and buttocks while off the floor. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat. Make sure that your lower back does not drop while holding this exercise.

These exercises for posture will aid in back pain relief and provide you with a better quality of living. Some of these everyday habits may seem minor. However, if frequently done, they can cause acute back pain which might require a back posture brace. Our company, Pro Fusion Rehab, offer several services that also help women and men who suffer from neck and back pain. We have two physiotherapy clinics located in Pickering and Milton Ontario, Canada that provide massage therapy, acupuncture, and other services. Feel free to visit our site for more ways to live pain-free.

5 Poor Postures You Can Correct Right Now