Physiotherapy Important For Women Treated for Breast Cancer

physiotherapy treat breast cancer

If you’re a woman living beyond a breast cancer diagnosis, it’s important to think about the next steps because the reality is that treatments are harsh and may have side effects that can prevent you from completing your daily routine and activities. In many cases, the side effects can develop years after the diagnosis, but the right knowledge will allow you to apply the proper care so that they don’t become a serious problem. 

Most women with breast cancer will have to have some form of surgery, whether it’s a lumpectomy, mastectomy or the removal of lymph nodes from the armpit region. Regardless of which type of surgery you receive, it will often have to be followed by chemotherapy sessions and radiation therapy treatments to ensure the cancer is completely gone. Because of the area of the surgeries, the results will affect the use of the arm and its function. For this reason, physiotherapy is very important for breast cancer survivors because it will help them recover and return to full activity once their treatment is complete. 

The effects of chemotherapy and surgery do not have to affect the quality of your life and physiotherapy will help women with their recovery and allow them to return back to full activity. It’s very common for the arms to hurt following treatment. Lymphedema and damage to peripheral nerves result in swelling of the arms and legs and affect balance and fine motor control skills. Physical therapists are experts when it comes to movement and will play a very important role in helping to treat the side effects that appear once treatments are complete. They possess the right knowledge and skills which allows them to treat deficits in strength, motion and balance and will be very helpful to breast cancer survivors who will benefit from their expertise. 

Physiotherapy will help to restore function and through the progressive strengthening exercise programs that patients are asked to do, they will be able to restore their arms back to their regular function. Physical therapists are also important in treating lymphedema, a chronic condition that can occur after the surgical removal of lymph nodes which causes swelling in the arms. Practitioners will apply massages, that are specific to this condition along with compression bandages, garments and special exercises all of which are designed to treat lymphedema specifically. Many physical therapists have specialized training regarding this condition and will know exactly how to teach the patient to manage their pain and how to overcome it. 

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Physiotherapy Important For Women Treated for Breast Cancer