Arthritis pain? treat it with physiotherapy

Arthritis pain treat with physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Arthritis

Arthritis is a disorder characterized by inflammation of the joint. Symptoms include joint pain and stiffening of the joints. The two major Arthritis types include Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis induces the immune system to destroy its own tissues, especially those that surround most joints. Osteoarthritis Arthritis is as a result of breakage of the cartilage that cushions the joint thus enabling rubbing together of the bones.

Living with Arthritis is challenging. Whether it’s in the neck, in the hands or knees, any form of the condition will prompt anyone to seek treatment. Apart from Arthritis pain medication, turmeric supplements or surgery, physiotherapy is also another solution.

How does physiotherapy treat Arthritis?

The ultimate goal of physiotherapy as an Arthritis treatment method is to teach patients to adopt a treatment plan that they can follow at home. The physiotherapists identify specific physical problems and recommend appropriate strategies to deal with the problem during the visits.

The progress envisioned in this type of treatment is gradual, and consistency is expected on the patient’s part. Through these exercises, the body gets stronger gradually. Visits to the physiotherapist should be few every month and should occur when the program needs adjustments.

One of the most efficient ways of dealing with the symptoms that come with it are exercises and movement. Physiotherapy incorporates these two through the training exercises, stretching, manual therapy and more treatment tools and resources the patient accesses.

Physiotherapy helps in restoring movement in the patient’s body. It enables them to sit, stand and even climb stairs without complaining about knee pain. This progress is made possible by strengthening of the joints and muscles during the physiotherapy sessions.

One symptom that this form of treatment successfully deals with is the pain. Through physiotherapy, patients are now able to manage it. Though other modes of treatment like pain killer medication may work, the physiotherapist introduces other innovative ways of alleviating pain.

Some of the treatments offered in physiotherapy include ultrasound, TENS, shockwave or massage, which is important in muscle relaxation and comfortable joint movement and acupuncture, which assist the brain in releasing endorphins—pain-relieving hormones.

What are the Benefits of physiotherapy for Arthritis?


The physiotherapist will assist the patient in understanding how Arthritis affects their muscles and joints. Having this knowledge will help them in managing the effects. Physiotherapy sessions also teach patients on what exercises to do and when to do them thus helping them to adopt a treatment plan that works for them.

This knowledge is put to use at home, and it enables the patients to deal with the condition gradually by following the treatment plan in the absence of the physiotherapist.

Recommending different treatment methods

A physiotherapy would recommend braces to patients as it reduces the number of times they use pain medication. Bracing can go a long way in reducing pain in Arthritis patients enabling them to perform various physical activities with ease.

Other recommendation may include shoe inserts and splints for joint support. To get rid of stiffness and joint pain, a physiotherapist can also recommend hot and cold therapy or hydrotherapy pools, where patients can perform their exercises. Some people find moving in water easier since it is able to support their weight.

Arthritis in hand treatment

Improving Fitness

The fear among some people is that any movement will lead to increase in pain and will cause more damage. This fear leads to general inactiveness among patients who have Arthritis. It causes a reduction in fitness and weakens the muscles. Patients suffering from Arthritis exercise in physiotherapy to increases their general fitness, to lose weight and to improve their mobility.

Physiotherapists are qualified and capable of helping you deal with all Arthritis types and their symptoms. These Arthritis treatment specialists will deal with all sorts of joint pain. Whether it’s Arthritis in the knees, in the neck or hands, they are specialized in matters body mechanics and can be able to diagnose and prescribe exercises to deal with the specific issues. They have access to advanced treatment options that you are not likely to find anywhere else.

Are you struggling with any type of Arthritis and are living in constant pain? Do not despair. Physiotherapy is just what you need to restore mobility in your joints and to alleviate problems like knee pain.

You don’t need constant medication or any form of surgeries to treat Arthritis. Profusion Rehab has some of the best physiotherapists in Canada, and the physiotherapy treatment they offer will help the community in tackling Arthritis and other diseases in a big way.

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Arthritis pain? treat it with physiotherapy