Should Your Child Try Physiotherapy?

kids try physiotherapy

It’s just as important for kids to get physiotherapy as it is for adults! Children are constantly growing and testing their strengths through activities, which can sometimes result in injuries. Although it may seem like kids heal more quickly than adults, they still need physiotherapists to teach them about exercises to prevent future injury.

Having trouble with movement is extremely frustrating and limiting, especially for a child. Here is how physiotherapy can help your child based on their struggles.

Neck/ Back Pain

If your child is suffering from neck and/or back pain as a result of activities, taking them to a physiotherapist will help treat them. They will teach your child how to do manual stretching and attain good posture and re-balance. Making sure they keep the core in check to prevent future neck and back pain is key to keeping them strong.

Ankle Strain Problems

Ankle strains are common injuries in children as they tend to run around at recess, gym class or playing sports after school. The ligaments in the ankle help to stop it from moving around too much. An ankle strain occurs when the foot rolls over and results in the ligaments being overstretched. The result is often bruising, swelling and potentially bleeding on the ankle joint. Physiotherapy helps strengthen your child’s body to reduce the pain and swelling of the ankle. Taping and bracing effectively reduces the pain, restore agility and improve flexibility.

Hamstring Issues

A hamstring strain results in pain to the back of the thigh, behind the knee or near the buttock. When it occurs, there is usually difficulty straightening the knee without severe pain. Everyday tasks from walking to climbing the stairs become a struggle. Physiotherapy implements various exercises to help restore the hamstrings’ normal function. Post-injury physiotherapy includes examining the injury by touch and testing your balance. A specific treatment plan will be developed to restore flexibility and treat the pain.

Difficulty In School

Smaller children take time to adjust to the school’s requirements of sitting in class for a long time without being able to move about freely. This can affect their posture and eventually their ability to concentrate on tasks. Physiotherapy helps children fix their posture and balance to ultimately make them more comfortable and improve their cognitive performance.

Serious Physical Injuries

A child’s neck or back pain can sometimes be more serious than it seems. Trauma to the head or spine can lead to diseases such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis or other ailments. This therapy can help with rehabilitation and improve the motor skills of your child.

When you visit Pro Fusion Rehab, our physiotherapists will conduct a detailed assessment of the injured area. A personalized treatment plan will be provided to you to help your child with posture training, exercises, manual therapy and education.

Our fully licensed professionals will help improve the quality of life for your child. We will work with you and your child to help restore function or minimize the dysfunction that is making life difficult for them.

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Should Your Child Try Physiotherapy?