Physiotherapy after Car Accidents


If you are ever involved in a car accident, the aftermath can include minor or serious injuries, both of which can have long lasting effects on your body and health. Your injuries can prevent you from doing the activities you love and can even affect your everyday routine. In many cases, the injuries a person sustains from a car accident will significantly impact their life and physiotherapy will be necessary to help restore their health and mobility.

What to expect from your physiotherapist after a car accident.

There are several things you need to do after a car accident and recovery is the most important aspect. Your health should be a priority, which is why you need to report the accident as soon as possible so that you can deal with your car insurance and use the benefits they provide for your physiotherapy appointments. Your first physio session will include an assessment to provide the physiotherapist with information regarding your condition as a result of the car accident. This will allow them to get a better understanding of your situation and needs so that they can proceed accordingly. The physiotherapist will ask you questions about the accident and follow up by assessing your painful areas. Once they have all of the information they need, they will then provide you with a treatment plan to assist in your recovery. They will also discuss the number of treatments they recommend for you as well as the type of treatments you require and in many cases, this information will be sent to the car insurance adjuster so they can have a record of the information as well.

The physiotherapist will discuss the contents of their plan with you and will base the timeline of the treatment plan on the severity of the injuries. The number of visits that will be required will vary based on the circumstances of the injury and whether they are considered serious or minor. Some physiotherapists will also recommend massage therapy or other products to help with your recovery process if they feel it is necessary.


Consistency is the key.

All of your follow-up appointments will focus on helping you feel better and while the treatment each patient receives will be different, the following is a basic explanation of what each patient can expect. Firstly, electro therapy or therapeutic ultrasound will be placed on your body to help reduce the pain, which will be followed by hands-on treatment techniques and the session will conclude by providing you with exercises you must do at home. It’s important to complete the recommended exercises at home because it will help speed up the recovery process. The body becomes very stressed after a car accident and the injuries can take a very long time to heal, which is why it is crucial that you remain consistent with your treatment plan.

Recovery from a car accident can take time but Pro Fusion Rehab will ensure that you see results. If you are looking for car accident physiotherapy in Pickering or Milton, give us a call now!

Physiotherapy after Car Accidents