Neck Pain

Common Symptoms of neck pain

While neck pain (in the cervical spine) is less common than lower back pain (in the lumbar spine), however millions of people experience neck pain and/or related arm pain at some point in their life. with symptoms presenting either suddenly or gradually. Pain and stiffness can impair many facets of your daily life, complicating tasks as remedial as turning a car around. Pain may not always be exclusively limited to the neck; neck pain is often accompanied by headaches and dizziness, or pain like pins and needles down the arm or hand.

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain can come from a number of disorders, such as a degenerative or herniated disc, facet joint injury, posture related neck pain, work related pain, whiplash, or a pinched or aggravated nerve.

How can physiotherapy and rehabilitation help to relieve neck pain?

At Profusion Rehab, our specialized examination and treatment will address the root of your neck problem. Our therapists will develop a personalized program involving manual therapy and manipulation to resolve restrictions in the spine, soft tissue techniques to relieve spasms, and exercise and education to correct muscle balance and improve posture for long term care.